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Welcome to
Hudson River Homesteaders!

Welcome to our family-owned farm and country store nestled in the scenic heart of Germantown, NY.


At Hudson River Homesteaders, we take pride in offering you a warm welcome whether you visit us at our retail location, connect with us on social media, or hear about us through the grapevine.

Our commitment to quality shines through in every product we offer. From pasture-raised lamb, chicken, turkey, goat, pork, and eggs; to our handcrafted goat milk soaps, body scrubs, and other bath and body essentials, each item reflects our dedication to providing you with the very best.

Exciting news!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now a NYS-approved Home Processing Kitchen. This means we can delight you with a delectable array of freshly baked goods, including breads, cookies, pastries, and confections, all made with the same care and attention to detail that defines our farm-fresh offerings.

Our doors are open, and we invite you to visit us at our store located at:

71 Palatine Park Road, Suite #1, Germantown, NY 12526.


Whether you're a longtime patron or discovering us for the first time, expect a professional and personalized experience with every order.

Thank you for supporting local agriculture and craftsmanship. From our family to yours, we look forward to serving you with warmth and enthusiasm at Hudson River Homesteaders!


Home: Welcome

Come check us out!!

Hello and welcome to our website!

At our country store, we're eager to introduce you to the vibrant offerings from Germantown, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital region. It's our mission to showcase the best of our area while supporting local businesses and vendors.

Explore our shelves and discover a treasure trove of local delights: from golden honey and pure maple syrup to fragrant essential oils and stunning handmade jewelry. Treat yourself or find the perfect gift among eco-friendly children's toys, beautifully crafted wood products, candles, and an array of natural body care items.

Of course, no visit is complete without sampling our farm-fresh, pasture-raised eggs, chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey (available seasonally). Indulge in our freshly baked homemade breads and a tempting selection of other baked goods that are made with care and pride.

Looking to brighten your home or gift someone special? We frequently feature local produce and stunning floral arrangements and bouquets.

Come by and say hello! Our store is a welcoming space where you can experience the essence of local craftsmanship and community. We look forward to sharing our passion for quality and locality with you.

See you soon!

Our Country Store!

Our Country Store is located at:

71 Palatine Park Road, Suite 1, Germantown, NY 12526



FRIDAY: 11 AM - 5 PM



Welcome to our store, where we take pride in offering a wide range of locally sourced and crafted products that celebrate the best of our hometown, surrounding counties, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital Region.

At our store, you'll discover an assortment of pasture-raised meats and eggs, ensuring you enjoy the highest quality proteins. Indulge in our freshly baked goods and breads, made with care and using the finest ingredients.

But that's just the beginning. We're passionate about curating a diverse selection that includes bath and body products, home goods, and an array of items from talented local vendors. Whether you're searching for children's toys, essential oils, pet items, custom wood designs, or artisanal coffee and tea, we have something special waiting for you.

Our store isn't just a place to shop—it's a community hub where we host special events, maker workshops, and talks with local vendors and farmers. Stay connected with us through our website and social media channels to learn about upcoming events and discover more about the people behind the products.

Visit us soon and explore the rich tapestry of offerings that reflect our commitment to quality, locality, and community. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the best of our region with you.

Get in Touch

Germantown Farmers Market

You can find us every Saturday from 10 am - 1 pm at the Germantown Farmers Market selling all of our goods!!  There are so many incredible vendors, food pop-ups, and music!  You don't want to miss out!


Homemade Bread & Baked Goods

Welcome to our NYS-approved Home Processing Kitchen, where we specialize in crafting an irresistible assortment of homemade baked goods and breads. From the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread to the delicate sweetness of pastries and cookies, each item is meticulously prepared to satisfy your cravings.

Our offerings extend beyond the ordinary, encompassing custom orders and pre-sale options available for pickup at the market or directly from our storefront. Whether you're planning a special occasion or simply indulging in a treat for yourself, our selection includes holiday pies bursting with seasonal flavors, decadent cakes that celebrate every moment, and cookie platters brimming with homemade goodness.

For your convenience, placing an order is easy. Reach out to us via email, visit our social media pages for updates and inspirations, or simply give us a call. Stay tuned for the launch of our online ordering system, coming soon to streamline your experience.

Please note, to ensure the utmost freshness and quality, we kindly request a minimum of 24-48 hours advance notice for all pre-order bread and large orders. Every item is baked fresh with care, just for you.

Indulge in our passion for baking. Discover the difference of homemade goodness at Hudson River Homesteaders.

Pasture-Raised Meats & Meat Shares

We take pride in offering a diverse selection of high-quality, pasture-raised meats sourced directly from our farm. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices ensures that you receive meats that are not only delicious but also wholesome.

Currently, our range includes pasture-raised chicken, lamb, and pork, each raised with care to ensure superior flavor and tenderness. During the appropriate seasons, we also feature fresh heritage-breed turkeys, adding a special touch to your holiday gatherings.

We prioritize transparency and quality in our products. All our meats are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and non-GMO, reflecting our dedication to providing natural, healthy options for your table. We work closely with trusted USDA-certified butchers such as Eagle Bridge Custom Meat & Smokehouse and Hilltown Pork INC. to ensure that our meats meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

For those looking to explore our offerings further, we provide meat shares tailored to your preferences, allowing you to enjoy a variety of pasture-raised chicken, eggs, lamb, goat, and pork throughout the year. Additionally, we welcome wholesale inquiries, accommodating businesses and individuals seeking larger quantities of our premium meats.

For pricing and availability of our meat shares and wholesale options, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. We are here to assist you in selecting the perfect cuts and quantities to meet your needs.

Experience the difference of pasture-raised meats from Hudson River Homesteaders, where quality and flavor come together in every bite.

Wholesale Baked Goods/Bread

Discover the convenience and quality of our wholesale baked goods and breads, tailored to meet the needs of local businesses across our community. We take pride in delivering an array of delicious options that are sure to enhance your offerings.

Our wholesale selection spans a delightful range of pastries, cookies, croissants, muffins, and beyond, providing versatility and flavor to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you're stocking a cafe, supplying a boutique market, or catering an event, our freshly baked goods are crafted with care and attention to detail.

We understand the importance of reliability and consistency in your business, which is why we offer flexible ordering options and competitive pricing. For pricing details and availability of our wholesale baked goods, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect assortment to complement your menu or retail offerings.

Partner with us for wholesale baked goods that reflect our commitment to quality ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship. Elevate your business with the irresistible allure of freshly baked treats that keep your customers coming back for more.


Who We Are

Our journey began in 2020 with a simple idea: two pet goats for our son and a few chickens for farm-fresh eggs. Little did we know, this humble start would blossom into an exciting business opportunity driven by our passion for sustainable farming and community connection.

Today, our farm is a labor of love where every aspect of daily operations is a family affair. We believe in treating our animals with the highest standards of respect, care, and compassion, ensuring they thrive in a healthy and nurturing environment.

We're proud to be registered members of the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association), ABGA (American Boer Goat Association), and the American Goat Society, reflecting our commitment to breed Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine, Boer, and Nubian goats. Additionally, we raise Katahdin and Dorper sheep, further diversifying our offerings and promoting sustainable practices.

From those initial eggs shared with friends, family, and neighbors, we've grown to provide a range of farm-fresh products, including pasture-raised meats and a variety of handcrafted goods. Every step of our journey is guided by a dedication to quality, integrity, and the belief that sustainable farming not only benefits our family but also enriches our community.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. Whether you're visiting our store, exploring our online offerings, or simply learning about our farm, we invite you to experience the fruits of our labor and the warmth of our farm-to-table philosophy.

Welcome to our farm!!

About Us

Meet Our Family

Who We Are

Welcome to our family-owned and operated farm nestled in the heart of Germantown, NY, where our passion for agriculture and dedication to quality shine through in everything we do.

At our farm, we cherish each animal with love, care, and utmost respect. From our chickens and pigs to our lambs and turkeys, every creature receives the best care possible, ensuring they lead healthy and happy lives.

To us, our customers are not just patrons; they are cherished members of our extended family. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products available, straight from our farm to your table. Whether you're seeking pasture-raised meats bursting with flavor or indulging in our homemade baked goods, each item reflects our dedication to excellence and sustainability.

We invite you to experience the difference that family values and ethical farming practices can make in the food you enjoy. Join our farm family and savor the goodness of products that are not only delicious but also a testament to our deep-rooted commitment to agriculture and community.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!




Meet Phil, a proud native of Germantown with deep roots in agriculture, having grown up on his family farm in Linlithgo, NY. From a young age, Phil's passion for farming and caring for animals has been evident in his daily commitment to their well-being.

As a key figure on our farm, Phil not only tends to the animals with unwavering care and attention but also ensures they receive optimal nutrition and comfort. Their health and happiness are his top priorities, reflecting his dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality products.

In addition to animal care, Phil takes on a diverse range of responsibilities essential to the farm's operations. From managing repairs and installing fences to constructing chicken coops and coordinating hay deliveries to neighboring farms, he plays a pivotal role in maintaining the farm's infrastructure and supporting local agriculture.

Phil's hands-on approach and meticulous attention to detail underscore his commitment to excellence in everything he does. His dedication to sustainable farming practices and customer satisfaction is evident in the exceptional products we proudly offer from our family farm.

Join us in celebrating Phil's passion and expertise, and experience the difference his care makes in every aspect of our farm's operations.



Owner/Operator, Baker, Office/Social Media Manager

Meet Amy, a true Germantown local whose passion for agriculture and commitment to quality are at the heart of our family farm, Hudson River Homesteaders.

Growing up in Germantown, Amy has always had a deep connection to the land and a profound respect for where our food comes from. This connection inspired her to co-found Hudson River Homesteaders with a mission to provide healthy, clean, and ethically raised meats to our community. For Amy, ensuring that our animals receive the best care and nutrition is a top priority. She takes a hands-on approach each day, working closely with the animals to ensure they receive the correct minerals and nutrients. Beyond their physical health, Amy believes in the importance of providing them with affection and treats, creating a positive environment that reflects our values of respect and compassion.

In addition to her role in animal care, Amy brings her passion for baking to Hudson River Homesteaders, overseeing all aspects of our delicious homemade treats and breads. Her commitment to quality extends to our baked goods, ensuring they are made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection for our customers to enjoy.

Amy also plays a crucial role in managing our social media presence and handling office operations. Whether she's sharing farm updates, engaging with our community online, or ensuring smooth administrative processes, Amy's dedication shines through in every task she undertakes.

Join us in celebrating Amy's dedication to sustainable farming practices, quality food production, and community engagement at Hudson River Homesteaders. Together, we're proud to offer you products that reflect our values of transparency, integrity, and a genuine love for what we do.



Farmer in Training, Professional Taste Tester

Meet Owen, the dedicated caretaker of our goats, sheep, and chickens here at Hudson River Homesteaders. Owen's love for animals shines through in his daily interactions with our farm's residents, including his pet goat Miles and pet chicken Eliza.

Owen takes pride in ensuring that our goats and sheep receive the best care possible, from their daily nutrition to their well-being. He has a knack for understanding their needs and enjoys spoiling them with treats, particularly their favorite banana snacks and other goodies that bring them joy.

Beyond his responsibilities with the animals, Owen plays a crucial role in our baking operation as the official taste tester for his Mom's delicious creations. He approaches this important duty with enthusiasm and seriousness, ensuring that every baked good meets his high standards of taste and quality.

With Owen's caring touch and dedication, we are proud to uphold our commitment to providing healthy, clean, and delicious products to our customers. His passion for animals and food reflects the values we hold dear at Hudson River Homesteaders, where every aspect of our farm is infused with love and attention.

Join us in celebrating Owen's contributions to our farm and experience firsthand the warmth and care he brings to everything he does.


Have questions?  Contact us!

Do you have questions about our meat shares? Interested in placing a custom order for our delectable baked goods? Perhaps you're looking to explore wholesale options for our nourishing goat's milk soap? At Hudson River Homesteaders, we value your inquiries and are here to assist you every step of the way.

Whether you're curious about the benefits of our meat shares, craving a personalized selection of freshly baked treats, or considering stocking up on our artisanal goat's milk soap for your business, we invite you to reach out. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're eager to provide you with detailed information and personalized service.

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting!


What does pasture-raised mean?

What types of chickens do you raise for your eggs?

Pasture-raised animals at Hudson River Homesteaders thrive on grass grown in expansive pastures, where they enjoy a diverse array of nutrients essential for their health. By providing ample space for grazing, we prioritize the well-being of our animals, allowing them to roam freely and naturally. This holistic approach not only enhances their diet but also promotes overall wellness, ensuring that our animals lead happy and healthy lives. At Hudson River Homesteaders, we believe that giving our animals access to nutritious pasture is fundamental to producing high-quality, ethically raised meats.

Do you supplement with grain?

At Hudson River Homesteaders, we prioritize the health and well-being of our animals by supplementing their diets with high-quality, non-GMO, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free grain. Our choice of feed is Poulin Grain, a premium brand known for its superior nutritional content and commitment to quality. Sourced locally from Kukon Brothers, LLC, every batch of grain we use meets our stringent standards for freshness and sustainability.

By incorporating Poulin Grain into our animals' diets, we ensure they receive balanced nutrition that supports their growth, vitality, and overall health. This approach reflects our dedication to providing our customers with meat and products that are not only delicious but also ethically produced and environmentally conscious.

At Hudson River Homesteaders, we believe that healthy animals start with wholesome nutrition. That's why we're proud to partner with Poulin Grain and Kukon Brothers, LLC to deliver exceptional quality in every aspect of our farming practices.

At Hudson River Homesteaders, we take pride in our diverse and vibrant flock of chicken breeds, each cherished for their unique characteristics and contributions to our farm. Our selection includes:

  • Ameraucanas: Known for their blue eggs and gentle demeanor.

  • Easter Eggers: Colorful birds that lay eggs in various shades of blue, green, and sometimes pink.

  • Olive Eggers: Breed known for laying olive-colored eggs, typically achieved by crossing a blue egg layer with a dark brown egg layer.

  • Barnevelders: Distinctive for their beautiful double-laced plumage and brown eggs.

  • Welsummers: Renowned for their speckled brown eggs and friendly personalities.

  • White Polish: Recognized for their striking white plumage and distinctive crest.

  • Orpingtons: Large, friendly birds known for their excellent egg-laying capabilities and calm nature.

  • Barred Rock: Dual-purpose birds valued for their hardiness, productivity, and classic black-and-white barred plumage.

  • Rhode Island Reds: Hardy, adaptable birds celebrated for their rich brown eggs and excellent meat quality.

  • Black Australorps: Dual-purpose birds known for their glossy black feathers and prolific egg-laying abilities.

Each breed not only contributes to the colorful tapestry of our farm but also plays a vital role in providing nutritious eggs and enhancing the farming experience. Whether you're looking for unique egg colors, reliable layers, or friendly personalities, our diverse range of chicken breeds at Hudson River Homesteaders offers something for everyone.

What flour and ingredients do you use for your breads and baked goods?

At Hudson River Homesteaders, we believe that exceptional baked goods and breads start with the highest quality ingredients. That's why we meticulously select each component to ensure superior taste and texture in every bite.

For our flour, we rely on the renowned King Arthur brand, renowned for its consistent quality and reliability. We utilize a variety of their offerings, including All-Purpose, Bread flour, whole wheat, organic, and gluten-free options. This ensures that our baked goods not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of flavor and nutritional value.

In addition to flour, we source our spices, extracts, and other essential ingredients from specialty stores like Penzey Spice and other fine retailers. These carefully selected ingredients enhance the depth of flavors in our recipes, adding a distinct touch that sets our baked goods apart.

By prioritizing the use of premium ingredients from trusted suppliers, we uphold our commitment to delivering baked goods and breads of unparalleled quality to our valued customers. At Hudson River Homesteaders, every product is crafted with care and dedication to ensure a delightful experience with each mouthful.